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Friend Collection

These pieces are my humble attempt at freezing an unforgettable moment in time in order for all of us to have more than our meager memories to look back on when we are too old to dive. If your photos are showcased here, it is because I found something beautiful about that image and that moment. I hope you do as well. There is no expectation of you to purchase, so please, sit back, crack a beer, or your favorite beverage of choice and remember what a great time in the water this was. If you do see a piece that you want, please don't forget to add the $50 discount code, "homiehookup" at checkout, 

 This collection will be offered in Fine Art Prints, face mounted to 1/4" crystal clear acrylic with the option of a white or black frame and standard hanging options. Fine art quality Glossy inkjet prints and crystal-clear acrylic, Acrylic Prints provide exceptional detail and color depth. Display a large Acrylic Print on its own for a stunning statement piece and or group multiples together for a compelling wall collage. 

Fine Art Acrylic Print reference video 

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