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About Danny

Born and raised in the Northern California foothills, I am hours away from the beautiful, frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean, but I am drawn to the sea.


 As a child I spent hours gazing at my fathers outdated National Geographic and Skin Diving magazines, day dreaming about the day that I would be beneath the surface of the worlds oceans. At the age of 16 I was certified in Scuba and fell in love with the creatures that inhabit the underwater world.


 Soon after my Scuba Certification, I also began breath-hold diving. Freediving allows me to get closer to marine animals that are frequently scared by the bubbles from Scuba Diving equipment. Today, I primarily breath-hold dive. I enjoy the freedom of less equipment, the feeling of being one with the ocean, and the mental and physical challenges that breath-hold diving inherently bring to the sport. All of the photos on this page were taken while freediving unless stated otherwise.






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